Saturday, JULY 29

1:00 - 4:00
Tipp Hill, Syracuse NY

Teams of up to 8 compete to earn the most points in this fusion of two already awesome things: a photo-based scavenger hunt and a pub crawl, all taking place in the historic Tipp Hill neighborhood.


1. Buy tickets for The Tipp Hill Scavenger Crawl


(Make sure all team members have bought their tickets from our ticket site)


upload them to your team's page, and watch your score climb, plus see your standings in real time.


Still have questions? Check the FAQ


  • Team limit of 8 members
  • Team members must be 21+
  • All photos must be submitted through the website
  • All photos submitted will be reviewed to verify that they are what they claim to be
  • Unless otherwise noted, at least half of a team's members must be in the picture for it to count toward the team's score
  • Be respectful of people who don't want to participate
  • Don't go on private property
  • Don't break the law
  • All photo submissions must be uploaded by 4pm
  • Top three scoring teams will win a prize package
  • All rulings by officials of Happenings CNY will be final


  • The day of the event, you might need your teammates to login to this account, so please use a password you don't use for anything else.


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How much does it cost?

Tickets start at $10 and are available at Ticket Tailor.

When and where does this take place?

The Scavenger Crawl begins on Saturday July 29th at 1:00pm. Check-in begins at Coleman's starting at noon. The scavenger-crawl portion will be over by 4:00pm. The after-party will begin at Coleman's 3:30pm and continue until 6:30pm. Prizes and give-aways will be given out at the after-party.

How many people can be on a team?

You can have as few as 2 and as many as 8 people.

Once I have my ticket how do I register my team?

Tickets are sold individually. After you have your ticket you may register your team by clicking here. You only need one to register the team once.

Do I have to buy my ticket in advance?

No, but the cost of purchasing tickets at the door will be $15, and you won't have as many chances to win our giveaways. The earlier you buy your ticket the better your chances of winning stuff!

What do I get for my ticket?

A whole day of fun with current and future friends! But also you'll have exclusive drink specials at all the bars with your wristband and you get tickets to win amazing prizes like a Go-Pro camera, John Mayer tickets, a Chromebook, yard games, and lots of other great stuff! Teams that rack up the most points also get $150 in gift cards to local bars & restaurants!

Do I have to show up with my whole team?

It's helpful if you arrive together, but if not, just make sure that everyone knows who your team captain is.

Costumes? Do I have to dress up?

Not at all. But this is movie themed, and there is a prize for the team with the best costume. Lots of people will be dressed up so feel free to get a little crazy with it!

What if it rains?

This event is rain or shine! Our last scavenger crawl was during a cold and rainy day and people still had a great time!

What does “photo-based scavenger hunt” mean?

When you check in, your team will get the list of “gems” which you will earn points for photographing and uploading to your team's profile page. You don't have to find all the gems to win, and some gems are worth more than others.

What's all this uploading of pictures about?

The only way we can efficiently verify all the things that all the teams are taking pictures of, and award points, is to have you upload them to your team's profile page.

How do I upload photos and where do I upload them?

Once your team is registered through this site, you will have a profile page that you and anyone on your team can log into, and it will have an upload portal that easily interfaces with your phone.

What kinds of things are we going to have to find?

We won't reveal the list until 1pm on July 29, so as to prevent any diligent dannies from doing their homework in advance, but to give you a sense of what the checklist might look like, here are some examples: “A girl with a tattoo that has handwritten script”, “a green fire hydrant”, “two people making out”. Get the idea? And your team has to have at least half the team in the picture.

What do we win?

There are prize packages with gift cards and other prizes from our sponsors for the top three teams, as well as Best Team Costume